Market Lavington Museum

A Sunday School Hymnary

At Market Lavington Museum we have various bibles and hymn books with inscriptions in them. Some were signed by vicars at St Mary’s Church and given at weddings and other special occasions. We also have this little red book of hymns.

The inscription in this one tells us that it was given at the Congregational Sunday School and was a prize for Mollie Hopkins.

By 1919, the Congregational Church had been built on the corner of the High Street and Stobberts Road in Market Lavington. The old Quaker meeting house opposite was used as their Sunday School.

The hymn book was designed for use by children as the contents show.

The hymn book does not provide the music, but each verse is preceeded by p, f etc, indicating how loudly it should be sung.

Mollie Hopkins later married Algie Thompson. We would still love to hear from any readers who could confirm that he is in the photograph in The Close and if Mollie is with him in that picture.