Market Lavington Museum

A Treasure Hunt Trophy

Ah! The carefree days of the past, days when we had no cares about global warming or carbon footprints; days when it seemed perfectly OK to use our cars for leisure activities of a competitive, although definitely not racing kind. These were the far away days of the car treasure hunt. And of course, they weren’t so long ago. We are talking of the 1980s.

Market Lavington Museum was recently given the winner’s trophy from the rally organised by St Barnabas School in 1988. By then trophies were cheap and plastic and some might class them as a bit tasteless. But here it is.

Trophy for a car treasure hunt organised by friends of St Barnabas School, Market Lavington in 1988

The trophy had no name on it – merely the name of the event.

The badge on the trophy reads St Barnabas Treasure Hunt

At St Barnabas, they operated what got called Scatter rallies. There was no set route. Competitors studied maps and clues and then went off their own way to solve them.  There was always a proviso that in the event of a tie the person who drove the shortest distance would win. One such event (it happened to be set by our curator) was thought to involve a minimum distance of fourteen and a half miles. But the winner made use of tracks and did it in less than that. Happy days!

The events were run by the PTFA – the parents, teachers and friends association and profits were used to raise money for the school. It is good to have a memory of these days in the museum so our thanks to that 1988 winner who decided to part with his trophy.