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A very old lady

Our very old lady was Betty Lamborne We know very little about her but there is a memorial to her on the south side of the church but in a piece of wall that faces east. We can see the memorial in this photo which we have at the museum.

Memorial to Betty Lamborne on the south wall of St Mary's Church, Market Lavington

Memorial to Betty Lamborne on the south wall of St Mary’s Church, Market Lavington

Let’s enlarge that to make it more legible.

The inscription is still clearly visible

The inscription is still clearly visible

It says in memory of Betty Lamborne who died June the 16th 1782 aged 107 years.

We can have doubts about the absolute accuracy of this age but there can be little doubt that Betty was, for her time, a very, very old lady.

The memorial is still clearly readable although our photo dates from the 1960s.

We can also have some doubts about the accuracy of the inscription on the church for the burial register records that Betty was buried on June 16th 1782 so she probably died a few days earler. It also records her age as 106.

We haven’t, as yet, tried to trace anything of Betty’s family. Baptisms of people called Lamborn, Lamborne or Lambourne were carried out in Market Lavington between 1695 and 1755. Perhaps some of them were children of Betty??

If any family history person knows anything about our Betty we’d be delighted to hear from them.