Market Lavington Museum

A view from the church tower in 1990

Views from on high are always interesting. In Market Lavington to get the best vantage point you have to get to the top of the church tower. That’s something photographers have done for well over 100 years. This time we have the village in a state of change. The old open fields are becoming the Grove Farm estate.

A view from St Mary's, Market Lavington in 1990

A view from St Mary’s, Market Lavington in 1990

We are looking roughly due north from the church. The line between the old and newer burial grounds shows up well as a change in colour. There is a brick wall on the right which surrounds the garden of the Old House. Down in the lower land we are looking at new housing on Roman Way and Saxon Close. Across Grove Road a white house faces us. That is on Beechwood.

The white house facing us is on Beechwood

The white house facing us is on Beechwood

Other Beechwood houses were not completed when this photo was taken.

Beyond the trees the land continues its upward rise to the top of Northbrook.


Northbrook and on to Drove Lane

That part of the view remains much the same.