Market Lavington Museum

A View from the Church Tower in 2000

A few days ago we published a photo taken by Maurice Baker. Maurice was on top of the church tower in 1981 and the picture we looked at showed a rather derelict Grove Farm and a thriving looking garage at The Spring.

Maurice was up the tower again on 11th August 2000. He took a dozen photos showing the panorama around the church tower. We have picked one which roughly matches the one we showed taken in 1981.

A view from Market Lavington church tower in the year 2000

The big differences are that buildings have gone. The garage site was, by the year 2000 just the concrete with foundation traces of buildings. Grove Farm has gone too. Again, all that remains is concrete, where the yard once was.

But there are new arrivals too. At the left hand edge we see one of the two new houses on the Chantry Mead site and on the little green area just before the old garage entrance there’s a sign telling motorists they are approaching a mini roundabout. Grove Road has been built, linking the bottom of Spin Hill with The Spring. We can just make out the roundabout.

This photo shows The Spring wending its way to West Lavington and we can pick out houses in that village in the distance.

Let’s remind ourselves of that 1981 photo before imagining the scene now.

Grove Farm and Haines’ Garage from Market Lavington church tower in 1981

The old garage site now has five houses on it – Shires Close. We’d be looking over the top of the Community Hall at those houses and we’d almost certainly see cars in the hall car park for the hall is almost always in use.

It’s probably time for another set of church tower photos.