Market Lavington Museum

A water supply for the school

The school in Market Lavington had been built in the 1840s as a seperate boys’ school in the room at the back with a girls’ school in the room nearer the road. In the 1870s another room, for infants, was built in front. The picture below, by Rowena Campbell Trigger shows all three rooms.

The outside toilets were in separate buildings behind the school but, in 1913, the managers requested tenders for bringing a water supply into the main school building.

There was to be a 400 gallon galvanised tank over the lobby in the boys’ entrance. The water had to come in from the north through two and a half inch pipes and supply two lavatory basins. It seems that galvanised pipes were required for incoming water, but the waste water pipes were to be of lead and would go to existing drains. All disturbance to the ground had to be made good on completion of the work.

Builder Joseph Gye of White Street quoted £15.10s for the job but it was actually done by Hopkins for £10.