Market Lavington Museum

A wooden crutch

This crutch was found in the 1970s on the rafters of a garage in Market Lavington. That building dates from the early 1950s, but we do not know the age of the walking aid. Nowadays, most crutches are made of aluminium, but this is a wooden one.

The person who used it must have been quite tall. The padded underarm support is a long way up from the ground.

However, a couple of adjustments could be made for people of different heights. This wing nut enabled the position of the hand hold to be raised or lowered.

There were multiple possibilities for personalising the overall height of the aid, by simply undoing a couple of wing nuts and selecting different holes for the bolts to go through.

The padded top of the crutch is covered in a brown fake leather. It all looks rather basic and home made by comparison with those loaned out by hospitals today, but was serviceable and achieved the same purpose, transferring some of the body weight from an injured foot or leg onto the upper body.