Market Lavington Museum

Ada Askey Remembers

Today we have another memory from the Link magazine, marking the centeneray of the Congregational Church which took place in 1992.

The author of these memories was Mrs Ada Askey. They appeared in Link for April 1992.

Extract from Ada Askey’s memories of the Congregational Church in Market Lavington

Here’s her whole piece.

This was truly a ‘Congregational’ church when it was built. Members and friends were urged to buy a brick to be laid in their name and no one wanted to be left out.

At first the pulpit had no side panel to it but when one unfortunate minister fell out sideways to the floor a protective panel was added, much to the disappointment of the lads who always sat in the back row.

Chapel outings were always Red Letter days when open topped charabancs were hired to go to exotic places such as Edington Tea Gardens or even the seaside. It never rained! On one occasioin a lady dropped her hadbag overboard into the lake at Edington. It was retrieved by means of a long-handled rake and we went home singing, ‘Rake, Daddy rake, in the bottom of the lake’.

The choir deserves a mention. Wonderful people – so dependable. Come rain or shinje they were always there to lead the singing so enthusiastically. Did they go with the beautiful carved rail they stood behind?

Ada was born Ada Bishop in 1922 so she was 70 when these memories were written. She had married Bill Askey in 1943. She died in 1995.

Her memories of the brick purchasing dates from 30 years before she was born so were not her personal memories. Most probably Ada learned these tales from her maternal grandparents, the Drapers, who were Lavington based people.