Market Lavington Museum

Agricultural machinery sales

The area close to Market Lavington’s Market Place, where the Rochelle Court housing and a few newly built shops are to be found, was once the site of A S Wordley & Co, later Wiltshire Agricultural Engineering.

This photo from the 1960s locates the site, showing the High Street at the bottom right and the Market Place, leading to Northbrook on the extreme left.

At the museum, we have a set of 125 sheets of records of the machinery sales made between 1949 and 1963, which demonstrate just how busy this firm was.

The accounts are arranged in sections according to the type of machine sold. For example, this page records the tractors sold between January and March in 1956.

Most of these sales were of Ferguson and Nuffield diesel tractors. These are some of Wordley’s tractors from the 1950s.

Most of the machinery sold in Market Lavington went to customers within Wiltshire, although on this page, we see that one customer came from London.

We will look at more of these sales another time.