Market Lavington Museum

Albert and Mary Jane Hurle

Our photo of this couple, at Market Lavington Museum, shows them in a pony trap on Drove Lane.

Albert and Mary Jane Hurle in their trap on Cemetery Lane, Market Lavington

At the time of this photo (the 1920s), Drove Lane was called Cemetery Lane. It remained with that name until the 1950s when the older ‘Drove’ name was reinstated.

We think Albert was born in Bratton in 1863 and that he married his wife Mary Jane Hurle (same surname before and after marriage) in 1890. Albert’s father was a blacksmith.

In 1891 the Hurles lived at Fiddington Common where Albert was a farmer. They were still there in 1901. The census says Albert was a farmer on his own account.

In 1911 the couple and 10 year old Fred lived in Fiddington

Albert and Mary Jane lived long lives. Mary Jane was said to be 88 when she died and Albert 91. Both are buried in St Mary’s churchyard. Mary Jane’s address was given as Cemetery Lane. Albert was in Chippenham but formerly of Cemetery Lane.

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