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Amram Saunders

Amram Saunders is a name that has cropped up a few times in this blog. We thought it was time to see the man. Amram was born in 1779 and died in 1849. This means there are no actual photos of the man. But the Saunders were well to do and a portrait was created – artist unknown – and we have a black and white copy of this.

Amram Saunders - 19th century Market Lavington corn miller

Amram Saunders – 19th century Market Lavington corn miller

On the face of it, Amram was a miller with a water mill, known as Russell Mill, which was then in Market Lavington. But in truth he had a wide ranging business, much of it based in Bath. His children rose to prominence in a variety of fields of endeavour and in a variety of places across the world.

This simple tree shows his children.

Amram's wife and children

Amram’s wife and children

Perhaps a major feature of the whole family was non conformity both in religion and politics. The non-conformity was very human in nature. The family were keen to see all people treated well. Sometimes they suffered themselves for beliefs truly held.

You can discover much more about this extraordinary family by visiting the museum.