Market Lavington Museum

An Easterton Church Outing in 1936

Let’s start with another reminder that, once upon a time, there was no parish of Easterton. Easterton was a part of Market Lavington. We include Easterton at Market Lavington Museum. But we have to admit that our knowledge of Easterton people is not as good as it might be. However, we are sure there are folks out there who can help us.

Our picture today is of people waiting to go on an Easterton Church outing in about 1936. We have no names for the people.

People on an Easterton Church outing in about 1936 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

We’ll guess this trip was to the seaside. The young child at centre front appears to have an inflatable fish and another is equipped with a bucket and spade.

By present day standards the dress code is quite formal. All but a couple of people have hats. Most of the men have dispensed with the tie, but some look to be dressed in their best three piece suits.  All the men and the boys are wearing jackets of some kind. Shoes look to be what we’d call sensible. There are no open sandals although one or two people seem to be sporting white footwear – possibly what we used to call daps in this part of the world.

Do, please get in touch if you can name people on this trip. Or maybe you went on it and can remember where you went.