Market Lavington Museum

An eye shade

At Market Lavington Museum we have a wide range of artefacts, which have been donated for our collection. We require them to have some connection with the village. Of course, some items are generic and would have been used nationwide. Our eye shade was given to us by an Easterton resident, so that fits the rules, as the neighbouring village of Easterton was once  part of the parish of Market Lavington.

And here is the object, complete with its yellow box.

Eyeshade snip eyeshade box, snip

The eye shade was designed to protect a sore eye from the light. It is flesh coloured on the outside, to tone in with the face, but dark on the inside, to prevent any light from getting through. It has elastic to go round the head and hold it in place.

Faint pencil writing on the box gives us the price – 7 ½. No denomination is given. 7 ½p would indicate post 1971, when we converted to decimal currency and, yes, there was a ½p coin to start off with. However, the packaging looks rather old fashioned for the 1970s and research suggests this to be a mid 20th century item, so we presume the price was 7 ½d, when 240d (pennies) made one pound.

It’s a nice little extra to add to our display of spectacles and other optical items.