Market Lavington Museum

An unknown graduate

Some years ago a small collection of photographs was left at Market Lavington Museum. Nobody at the museum knows who left them and nobody, not even the late Peggy Gye could identify people in the photographs.

This is a request for help using a snippet of information. One photograph, of a young lady who appears to be very proud of her academic gown, has a name on the back of it. But first the photo.

Could this be Annie Durnford? Was she Florence Annie Durnford born about 1884 in Market Lavington?

The style of clothing being worn under the gown suggests this was the early years of the twentieth century. And the name on the back?

Caption written on back of the above photograph

It reads, ‘Annie Durnford (music)’.

The photo, along with others, was left at Market Lavington Museum so presumably somebody thought they had a connection with the village. And certainly there were Durnfords in the village. Our curator, on his own site, has recorded the grave of John Durnford, which is in Market Lavington churchyard.

A Florence Annie Durnford was born in Market Lavington in 1884. Her parents had The Kings Arms pub at the time. In 1891 that family were near Andover and Florence Annie’s mother was a schoolmistress. Could this Florence Annie be our graduate?

If you can help us with this then please contact the curator either with a message on this blog or via email.