Market Lavington Museum

Another new display at Market Lavington Museum

Here we see another item we have already met on these pages. This is the wonderful phonograph, so recently arrived at our museum. The museum and associated items have now been displayed, and very fine it all looks too.

Phonograph display at Market Lavington Museum

Here we see the little Edison Bell gem phonograph which dates from 1905 with its sewing machine like wooden cover. Also on display are a range of cylinder boxes by Edison Bell, Clarion, Columbia, Sterling and Electric.

The photo on the left shows James and Lizzie Merritt of Vicarage Farm, Easterton who owned and used the phonograph back in its heyday.

The photo on the right is a much enlarged copy of a small label which was inside one of the cylinder boxes. It tells you that the record was of Miss Florrie Forde singing ‘That’s what the girl told the soldier’. This is a slightly risqué song. At one point a girl explains how one of the twins is black whilst the other is white – one was born in the day and the other at night.

The chorus goes:

You know what the girl told the soldier,
The girl with the dimple and the curl.
But it wouldn’t be polite,
And not quite right,
If I told you what the soldier told the girl.

This may be a chosen song for our Museum Miscellany which will be on September 15th this year.