Market Lavington Museum

April 1915

100 Years ago

At the end of March the 1st Battalion of the Wiltshire Regiment moved to Dickebush in Belgium where they remained throughout April, taking turns in trenches at Voormezeel and Eizenwalle. It was usually quite quiet by day, but there was often a good deal of rifle fire during the nights. From 23rd April, they were aware of heavy gun fire to the north of Ypres. There were few casualties during April, and none from our villages.

The 2nd Battalion marched to La Gorgue in France on 31st March. They gave a concert in the Hotel de Ville in La Gorgue on 6th April. It was such a success they had to do a repeat performance the next night. They took their turn in trenches, but things seem to have been relatively quiet. Several men went down with measles. On 28th April they marched to Strazeele. A number of troops fell out on the march, owing to hot weather, and the long period of trench life, which was taking its toll.

Lyn Dyson