Market Lavington Museum

Boot trees

We have already shared our Shoe trees on this blog but, at Market Lavington Museum, we also have a pair of boot trees. Their record suggests that they may date from the mid twentieth century.

We believe they might be for riding boots, but our understanding of how they worked is limited and we would welcome a comment from someone with that knowledge.

They were made by a company called Strecko and think they are of German origin.

They are marked L and R, so presume there is a difference between the trees for the right and left boots. Unfortunately, the mechanism in our trees has seized up over time. We wonder if depressing the button and stretching the spring might enable the wooden ends to turn round a right angle to go into the foot of the boot or, maybe, there should be another part, which would have gone into the foot.

We look forward to receiving your thoughts on the matter.