Market Lavington Museum

Broadwell – a better picture

Typing Broadwell into our blog search box will offer you many posts about this area of Market Lavington. We have focused here with some justification, as it was a very important and much visited water source for many villagers before there was a mains water supply. At Market Lavington Museum, we are extremely pleased to have the postcards collected by our founder member, Peggy Gye. However her card, captioned Brood Well, is in very poor condition, with a torn corner and multiple creases.

So, recently, we were delighted to find another copy of this card in much better condition.

We do not know who produced the card. Certainly not our village photographers, who would have known that Broadwell, although pronounced Broad Well by locals, would not have captioned it Brood Well. There is no evidence on the reverse of the card.

The postage rate for cards remained at a halfpenny from 1870 until 1918. Our previous suggestion for dating the card was c.1917, but we think the photograph may have been taken a bit earlier, judging by the women’s clothing.

We will home in on some of the details in this image in future blog entries.