Market Lavington Museum

Broken glass

On the museum wall, at the top of the stairs, we have a piece of broken glass, displayed in a frame.

This was removed from the door of the King’s Arms public house in Market Lavington in 1930. Fortunately, it was not consigned to the bin and still survives ninety years on.

Fittingly for a pub with that name, the etched design is of the royal coat of arms.

Honi soit qui mal y pense (shame on him who thinks evil of it) is the motto of the Order of the Garter and a representation of the garter, with these words on it, is held by the lion and the unicorn on the royal coat of arms.

Dieu et mon droit, translated from the French as God and my right, is the motto of the British monarch, outside Scotland. Apparently, it was used as a battle cry by Richard I in the 1100s and adopted as the royal motto by Henry V.

It is good to have this memento from the Kings Arms, one of several village pubs that have now closed down.