Market Lavington Museum

Building The Alban Estate

Time was when houses were fairly individual although, of course, semi-detached houses have always been like one another and terraced houses, inevitably, have much in common with their neighbours. But in Market Lavington, The Alban Estate was the first larger scale development of similar houses. We have looked at aspects of these houses, along The Spring and Park Road, before (click here). Today we bring you a photo of the houses under construction – believed to be in 1926.

George Bishop's men build The Alban Estate, Market Lavington in 1926

The houses were built, speculatively, by George Bishop, a local builder and his employees. Many of these are shown in the photo.

Brickies, ladder and scaffolding

Here are some of the brickies, one with a hod of bricks as he climbs up the ladder. This leans against the scaffolding – hefty wooden poles, held together by roping. Times have certainly changed in the UK scaffolding business.

George Bishop himself lived on Church Street in 1926 – just along the road from these new houses.