Market Lavington Museum

Buying new boots

It’s Boxing Day – a time when some folk might be turning their thoughts to visiting the shops for post Christmas sales.

In amongst the very varied collection of items in Market Lavington Musuem, we have pad of handwritten notes on all sorts of domestic subjects. We imagine it was possibly copied out of a book by a new housewife for it contains information on how to lay a table, to do the weekly laundry, to use an iron and a mangle, to brush carpets and so on.

Squeezed in between a sentence on how to clean brass and a section on the weekly cleaning of bedrooms there is a paragraph on Boots, with advice on making a sensible purchase.

So, if you are off to the sales to buy yourself a pair, here’s what you need to consider. Think about the wear they will have and the season of the year and the locality in which they will be worn. Make sure there is plenty of room for the toes and that the instep is not too narrow. You will need heels of moderate height.

Over the page, we see that the sole should be hard enough to support the foot and not too thin.

Once you have bought your boots, you will need to clean them by applying a little blacking or boot polish. this should be rubbed in well, polished with a soft brush and finished with a duster or pad.

We will look at more of these household hints from the past on another occasion.