Market Lavington Museum

Cake and pudding

Another look in Lucretia E Gye’s recipe book gives us a recipe we might well use today and one we probably wouldn’t. We see in More from Ethel Gye’s recipe book that this lady was known by her middle name. She inherited her first name from her mother, Lucretia Redstone, who was the Easterton School headmistress.

The family gave the museum a photo of that school, which believe dates from around the time, in 1971, that the children moved to the new St Barnabas School, built for children from Market Lavington and Easterton.

On the back of this picture is a post it note, showing that Mrs Redstone had died many years previously, in 1919.

Her daughter, Lucretia Ethel Gye had written this fruit cake recipe in her book.

It just gives the ingredients, with the assumption that mixing method, oven temperature and cooking time would be common knowledge. Interestingly, we see that the recipe came from Clyffe Hall, a small mansion in Market Lavington, that was run as an hotel after the second world war.

However, the recipe for barley pudding is probably less familiar today.

We doubt whether patent barley is obtainable nowadays, but it was made from finely ground milling barley. The method of cooking seems to be somewhere between how you would make a ground rice pudding in a saucepan and baking a semolina pudding in the oven. This recipe has a bit of both and an egg added for good measure.