Market Lavington Museum

Can you recognise this location?

There will be plenty of people who can recognise this point and, probably, even more that can’t.

This is the bottom of Spin Hill in 1964

This is the bottom of Spin Hill in 1964

The roads we see is at the bottom of Spin Hill and near the telegraph pole which we can see, there is now a mini roundabout. The trees on the left are in Canada Woods. Those on the right, which just about put the road in a tunnel of trees, are on the steep bank that leads up to Locksands. The bridge parapet we see in the foreground is over the Northbrook stream.

This picture dates from 1964 so is just over fifty years old.

The big change in the view was the creation of Canada Rise, with a new road thrusting its way between the trees on the left and rising up quite steeply. And of course an even newer road, Grove Road now veers off, through the green field to the left. The wall around the field has vanished although the bridge parapet is still there.

In the present day a collection of street lamps illuminate what is now a four way junction. It’s hard to remember that our country was still suffering from post-war austerity in 1964. Street lamps still came into the luxury class – we could do without them. Actually, some of us who love the night sky think we have far too many of them these days.