Market Lavington Museum


Before the introduction of electricity to Market Lavington homes in 1927, local folk were dependent on oil or paraffin lamps and candlelight during the hours of darkness. In addition to The Candle Lantern we also have various other candle holders in the museum.

This one, dating from the late 1900s, has a hinged front which can be lifted open or closed down.

This late Victorian candlestick has a wide base, to avoid accidents caused by knocking it over. It has a hood, sheltering the flame from draughts, or protecting the wall behind, if it is placed at the edge of a room.

Clyffe Hall is a large house, standing in extensive grounds, in Market Lavington. It was later used as an hotel. This candle holder, dating from 1918, has a support for a lampshade, which no doubt provided more elegant lighting befitting for such surroundings.

We will take a look at a couple more of our candle holders next time.