Market Lavington Museum

Candown Farm – an 1897 agreement

Market Lavington Museum is very pleased with the recently given documentation concerning the Parrotts and their agreement to lease Candown Farm up on Salisbury Plain. They took over the farm in 1898 which means agreements were signed in 1897. This document (it goes with the cropping plan) covers how much the Parrotts paid for the hay, straw, etc which was left on the farm by previous tenants.

1897 inventory and valuation - Candown Farm, Market Lavington

The hay and straw on the farm (along with half payment for the stamp and the inventory document) were agreed to have the value of £110.13.4 (£110.66 in present money)

I’m sure the Parrotts were delighted that the dung was left for free. Dung is needed on the thin chalk soils.

How lovely, too, to see the signatures of father and son, John and Edwin Parrott.