Market Lavington Museum

Candown Farm – then and now

Candown Farm has been seen before in these pages. In fact, these pictures have been seen before. Candown was one of the hill farms, up on Salisbury Plain which became a part of the artillery range. The buildings were used for target practice. The area was and still is a part of Market Lavington parish.

In a sense, this post is experimental. We are trying out the slideshow option with just a couple of slides. These two slides show very much the same view. One – the black and white shot – was taken in 1908. The colour one was taken 100 years later in 2008.


A good point of reference is the chalk pit on the right of the black and white photo, for the grassy outline of this still shows in 2008. The pond in front of Candown Farm House on the old photo can also be seen in the new image.

But the house, and how homely it looked, and all of the farm buildings have vanished entirely.