Market Lavington Museum

Chicken feed rationing

During the second world war, people were encouraged to keep chickens in their gardens. The eggs produced augmented the meagre weekly ration of one egg per week, plus some dried egg powder.

However, in order to obtain a poultry keeper’s ration card, the owner of the hens had to commit to providing some eggs for the war effort. At Market Lavington Museum, we have such a ration book.

The war ended in 1945, but rationing of many items continued for several years after that. This card is dated for 1950-1951.

We can see that Mrs Shore, the card holder, was able to obtain 45 lbs (pounds) of poultry balancer meal each month, from a supplier in the Market Place of the local town, Devizes in Wiltshire.

Market Lavington Museum preserves the history of Market Lavington and Easterton, but Annie Shore lived a mile away, in West Lavington, although her son, Bert, moved to Market Lavington when he married Florrie Burbidge. No doubt this card is a fairly generic item and there would have been poultry owners in Market Lavington and Easterton with such ration cards too.