Market Lavington Museum

Children’s building bricks

At Market Lavington Museum we like to record the ordinary ways in which people led their lives. Photographs help with that but we are also pleased to receive items of a general nature, which help to tell the story of life in the parish. The museum ‘rule’ is that items must have a connection with the parish, past or present.

The history of parish boundary changes has been mentioned before on these pages but let’s just summarise, again, those areas that we count.

We are always happy to receive artefacts and photos about any of those areas.

But back to today’s item which actually came from residents on The Spring in Market Lavington. It is a general item – a toy used by youngsters in the family and it dates from the late 1930s.

Box of toy building blocks from the 1930s - at Market Lavington Museum

The bricks inside the box don’t seem to match the picture on the lid!

The bricks in the box

Now had these toy bricks been post World War II they would probably have been made in Asia. But these were actually made in Germany.

The box seems in remarkably good condition for a child’s toy. Maybe the bricks didn’t get all that much use.