Market Lavington Museum

Christmas Greetings from Louie

One Christmas card we have at Market Lavington Museum carries the simple message, ‘with love from Louie’.

Message on an 1890s Christmas card at Market Lavington Museum

Sadly, we do not know who Louie was or who she sent the card to. But it is a very sweet card, which probably dates from the 1890s. It was found in a Market Lavington cottage.

The front of the card from Louie

It would seem that a small boy in a white suit is waiting with his little sprig of mistletoe at the ready.

The card opens up –

–  and reveals the verse.

With loving greetings at Christmas.
May you have a Christmas
Full of mirth and glee
Yet amid your gladness,
Think sometimes of me.

There is no indication of who the card was to. Neither does the card give any indication as to publisher.

It is doubtful if we’ll ever know more about this card but if it rings any bells with you then you can make Christmas for our curator by letting him know. Click here to contact the curator.