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Christmas puddings

Are you expecting lots of visitors this Christmas? Have you made your Christmas puddings yet?

We have already featured Samuel Saunders’ Vegetarian Plum Pudding in this blog and there are several more Christmas Pudding recipes in Annie Earle (Welch)’s recipe book which we introduced in our recent Marrow jam – 1903 blog entry.

The recipe that is mind boggling, not for its ingredients but for the sheer quantity of them, is the one pictured below. It just needs 60 eggs, 6 pounds of chopped fruit, 9 pounds of suet and large proportions of other foodstuffs. We wonder how long it took to make 6 pounds of bread crumbs and the mind boggles at 2 quarts (that’s half a gallon) of brandy. How many people would it feed?

Someone has jotted down that it cost £8.12s.4d in 1932. We wonder how much those ingredients would cost now.