Market Lavington Museum

Church News – 1934

A few days ago we featured church news from 1882 as published in the North Wilts Church Times. Today we move on more than fifty years and have a first look at some news from 1934.

North Wilts Church News for July 1934

The first thing to note is that the magazine had not changed in style in the fifty years plus. Those were the days of solid dependability, rather than rebranding. Back then the substance mattered more than the style.

Today we’ll feature some news from Easterton Church first and then look at a couple of entries in the baptisms, marriages and deaths section.

So here’s the news from Easterton Church.

The July 1934 news for Easterton

It looks like the normal rural life – jumble sales, meetings and collections.

There are two entries in the ‘BMD’ section – both from Market Lavington. The first is a baptism.

A baptism at Market Lavington - Margaret Emily Read

The marriage of Dorothy Burbidge - but also note the spelling of Erchfont which is now Urchfont.

The marriage is of particular interest because Dorothy Burbidge, the bride, lived at our museum building at the time. If you visit the museum you’ll find a photo of Doris and her father leaving home for the church. The photo is displayed on the kitchen mantle shelf.

On another occasion we’ll look at the Market Lavington Church news from this magazine.