Market Lavington Museum

Clipping the church

We recently shared the information we have about Market Lavington Feast. The same typed sheet from a scrap book gives us an idea of another old custom. Clipping the church took place on Easter Monday.

The children met at the school (now known as The Old School) and went into the adjacent churchyard of St Mary’s Church. This postcard of the back of the church and part of the churchyard dates from 1906, so well after the clipping ended about 1870.

We do not know how many children joined hands and ran round calling out ‘Clip the church’. Maybe a long line of children, but it would have taken a great number to actually encircle the church.

We do not have the end of the final sentence. It appears the children did not receive a treat afterwards, but the reason is missing. If anyone knows what all vicars had to observe at that time, do please add a comment with an explanation.