Market Lavington Museum


Yes, the physical museum, situated off the churchyard in Market Lavington is closed at the moment. We can take this opportunity to remind our readers that we open the museum on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Bank Holiday afternoons between May 1st and October 31st between the hours of 2,30 to 4.30 pm. If you would like to visit at another time then get in touch and we’ll see what can be arranged. We exist to share our knowledge, not to keep it bottled up so we do our best to help people who can’t visit during normal opening hours.

But the title for this blog actually refers to the former shoe business in Market Lavington which was run by Ken Mundy, and before that by previous members of his family. Today we are looking at the Open or Closed sign which Ken had on his High Street shop.

Closed sign from ken Mundy's shoe shop on High Street, Market Lavington

Closed sign from ken Mundy’s shoe shop on High Street, Market Lavington

It may come as no surprise that this carried an advert for Phillips ‘Stick-a-soles’ and heels. We know Ken had the little advert in the form of a cobbler working with ‘stick-a-soles’. You can see the blog post about that item by clicking here.

The hanging notice is clear in its message but the hand written early closing day has faded away. The other side said the shop was open but is quite badly worn away.

Ken was a village character and is remembered with much affection for his ability to make (yes make) a really classy pair of wedding shoes and his untidy shop premises. He is also remembered for his reluctance to have mains water laid on, preferring to walk down to Broadwell with two buckets on a yoke. He is also remembered for the way he became a handsome dasher on the dance floor.

Sadly, when Ken was no longer able to cope, his shop closed permanently.

It is closed, but not forgotten.