Market Lavington Museum

Coronation Capers in 1953

Royal occasions remain fun for many in the 21st century. Midway through the 1950s we were before the dawn of mass television and still the era of more home-made fun. Here we see a couple of local ladies having a 1953 version of a good time with, more or less, a carnival atmosphere.

Coronation capers in 1953 – a photo at Market Lavington Museum

A pram from that era has been decorated. Of course, photographs then were black and white so we have to imagine what was, almost certainly, a creation in red, white and blue.

Pushing the pram is Mrs Harold Ellis.

Mrs Harold Ellis

Her ‘baby’, in the pram, is Mrs Bella Burt.

Mrs Bella Burt as the baby in the pram

Stan Cooper is looking on.

Stan Cooper enjoys the scene – and also a pipe which was, of course, entirely acceptable in 1953

We do not have names for the youngsters. Maybe you can help with that.