Market Lavington Museum

Cottages on Northbrook

We are told that Northbrook, the road in Market Lavington leading from the Market Place up onto the sands, was once the most heavily populated part of the village. We have seen this picture before, in our Edwardian Northbrook blog.

It shows cottages on the hill descending from the village to the stream. We think our next picture is of A long-gone house on Northbrook on the hill leading to the sands.

We know that William Willis lived here (below) but we are not sure where on Northbrook his cottage was.

We would be delighted if anyone could provide us with more copies of old Northbrook photos as we know that, at the 1861 census, 172 people lived in the 38 Northbrook homes.

Some of these were being demolished as late as the 1950s. Ron Kimmer in our previous blog ‘One man built a bungalow’ felt he could save half the cost of his new bungalow by building it himself and using salvaged materials. He bought up three of the Northbrook cottages and knocked them down and used the bricks. He said ‘The timbers from the roofs make good scaffolding.’ Using contractors would have cost him about £1,795 for his three bedroomed home, but he was expecting his costs to be about £800.

However. he felt that

And here is that old cottage roof, being reused on his garage block.