Market Lavington Museum

Cotterell’s White Enamel

Cotterell Brother's Ideal White Enamel - on display at Market Lavington Museum

This old tin of white enamel has been on display at the museum for years. It is passed by visitors who barely notice it. But we do, at the museum, and we are keen to know more about it. All our records, at the museum say is,

can of Ideal White Enamel made by Cotterell Brothers Ltd, Bristol, Avon early 20 century’.

Who were Cotterell Brothers? The only information we find on the web suggests they were makers of wallpaper and the like. They may have had paper hangings at the 1851 Great Exhibition. They may have been involved with stately home restoration in the late nineteenth century.

Was it the same Cotterell Brothers who made white enamel? Do let us know if you can help.