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Daddy Hatley re-visited.

Back in March we published a blog page about Thomas ‘Daddy’ Hatley, a Victorian headmaster at Market Lavington School. Click here to read that page.

We featured a verse the youngsters used to chant behind his back:

Daddy Hatley is a good man
He tries to teach us all he can
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic,
And doesn’t forget his great big stick.

In that March entry we commented that it would be good to have a photo of the man – and now we know we did, all along.

Thomas Hatley and class of Market Lavington boys in 1888

This picture shows Thomas Hatley and a class of boys at Market Lavington School back in 1888. It is only our headmaster, Mr Hatley, that we have identified in the photo. With a photo taken more than 120 years ago, there’ll be no living witness, but just possibly a grandson or daughter of someone in the photo might recognise their ancestor. Do let us know if you do recognise anybody.