Market Lavington Museum


Today’s photo shows an area of The Clays in Market Lavington before a house called Daracombe was built.

Area between White Street and The Clays, Market Lavington in the early 1970s. The house, Daracombe now occupies this site.

The Clays is a lane, parallel to High Street. It links White Street with Stobbarts Road. It has never been adopted and made up by the county so it remains a residential track. We are looking from the White Street end and the houses we see actually front onto The Clays.

Three generations of the Market Lavington Pinchen Family outside their home on The Clays

This was in a piece about the Pinchen family who lived and worked from that house. The house is alongside Chapel Lane – the path that goes from the HighbStreet, past the fish and chip shop which occupies a former Baptist chapel..

The new dwelling, Daracombe, faces the old Pinchen residence. It was built was for retired clergy of the Church of England and this arrangement serves all folks well. The village gets lively, community minded residents. The residents get a lively, community minded village.