Market Lavington Museum

Do This in Remembrance of Me

Our title, today, is that of a book which was given to the museum recently.

Book given as a confirmation gift by the Vicar of Market Lavington

The book itself is probably fairly ordinary, being a guide to the service of Holy Communion, but this copy has added interest, a part of which is given in the inscription.

The book was given to John Burgess of Market Lavington

We can see that the book was given to young John Anthony Burgess on the occasion of his confirmation – 18th January 1959. That, scarily, for those of us who remember the long hot summer of that year, was more than 50 years ago. Back then, the Reverend Daunford Davies was the vicar of Market Lavington.

Added interest is given to the book by the journeys it has made. In 1976, John emigrated to Australia and the book went with him. John and his wife were back in England to see friends and relatives earlier this year and the book came with him as a gift to the museum. It is an extremely well travelled book that has come home, so to speak.

John, of course, is a regular reader and adder to these pages. Thanks, John and keep up the good work.