Market Lavington Museum

Drinks for the Old House

For many years, spinster Anne Pleydell Bouverie lived at the Old House on Parsonage Lane in Market Lavington. This home has a large garden, part of which is situated alongside our museum building. For more information about this lady and her home see Ann at The Old House and In The Old House.

At the museum, we have two letter cards penned by Anne Pleydell Bouverie over a hundred years ago.

In 1919, she was in her seventies and these letters are orders for some alcoholic drinks. (The Old Town Hall in the town of Devizes, in Wiltshire, will be better known to local residents nowadays as the premises of the Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society.)

Miss Pleydell Bouverie required some brandy and whiskey to be delivered. Her brandy orders were for three or four bottles at a time, but she was keen to find out if the price might come down in the future. She also had seven or eight bottles to return. We assume brandy was her favourite tipple as she only required one bottle of whiskey.