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Eastcroft Farm

Eastcroft farm is in Eastcott. It lies on the main road through this settlement but also has a little loop lane all of its own.

image002We can see its location towards the top right hand corner of this modern map.

And here’s a view along the main road, possibly in about 1920.


Eastcott including Eastcroft Farm – possibly 1920s

Eastcroft Farm is on the right. On the left is Ducks Farm and straight down the road is the Manor House in Eastcott. Horse power is being used to haul a load towards the cameraman.

Almost inevitably, the view is more wooded and concealed today.


21st century view in Eastcott

No sign of the Manor at all there. Ducks Farm has extended but what we see of Eastcroft Farm looks much the same.