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Easterton businesses lost since 1939

In our last post, we considered Easterton in 1939, based on the entry for the village in Kelly’s Directory. Below the descriptive paragraphs, we find lists of private residents and commercial businesses.

The Royal Oak public house, run in 1939 by Ernest Husford, is still trading in 2021, but many of the other High Street businesses are no more. (See The Oak at Easterton.)

Kelly’s Directory mentions the post office at Godfrey’s shop at that time. This was the shop, at the north end of the High Street. (See Easterton Shop in the 1930s.)

image0021.jpg (603×459)

Easterton had another shop, on the High Street, near the bottom of White Street. At times in its history that shop had the post office. (See Easterton Shop – 1930s.)

In 1939, Mrs Burnett was listed as the other shopkeeper. Both of Easterton’s shops have now closed down and villagers need to go to nearby Market Lavington for their most local food shop and post office.

Kelly’s 1939 Directory listed two bakers in the village. One was Jim Sheppard. (See Easterton bakery supplies, The Tip-Top Bakery in WWII, The baker’s delivery van and One a penny, two a penny, Hot Cross Buns.) The other baker was Percy Bullock. (See 120 ways of using bread.)

image00223.jpg (607×336)

In this photo from the 1930s, Jim Sheppard’s bakery van happens to be outside the premises of the other bakery in Easterton. Now, there are no bakeries in Easterton.

We will consider the farming and growing businesses in Kelly’s 1939 directory another time.