Market Lavington Museum

Easterton Church Choir in the 1950s

This photo was given to Market Lavington Museum recently. It shows the Easterton Church Choir of the 1950s standing outside St Barnabas Church.

St Barnabas Church Choir, Easterton, in the 1950s

St Barnabas Church Choir, Easterton, in the 1950s

Since then, Jim, our Easterton expert, has worked hard to get people named. First of all, Jim numbered all of the people.


Then he sought help and has most of the people named.

1                     June Nash
2                     Rita Smith
5                     Roger Sainsbury
6                     David Bee
8                     Peggy Chapman
9                     Pat Stockley
10                   Joy Godfrey
11                  Monica Sainsbury
12                 Marion Stockley
13                 Pauline Stockley
14                 Jack Shepherd
16                 Gladys Windo
17                 Bob Sainsbury
19                 Bill Stockley
20                 John Dodge
21                 Michael Bee
22                 Bob Godfrey
23                 Rev Arthur

Good work, Jim but of course we’d love to name the others. Can anyone out there in blogland help?