Market Lavington Museum

Easterton church – date that card

We have recently acquired another postcard of the red brick Victorian church in the village of Easterton in mid Wiltshire. Easterton was once in the parish of Market Lavington, so its history is conserved in our museum. The new card is similar to, but not the same as, the one featured in St Barnabas Church, Easterton – then and now, which we thought might be Edwardian.

This is the ‘new’ card.

Although the picture has been taken from a slightly different angle, comparing the height of the trees would suggest that today’s card photograph was taken more recently. It was written and posted so, in an ideal world, the postmark would at least give us a date of posting, but it was not clearly printed and we needed to do a bit of sleuthing.

It was posted locally as Devizes is the nearest town to Market Lavington and Easterton, but the date is unclear. However, it was posted during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, who came to the throne in 1952. A little research finds that the 2d (2 pre decimalisation pennies) brown stamps were darker in colour from 1952 to 1955 and this more tan coloured stamp was issued from 1955. From 1957 the cost of posting a postcard rose to two and a half pence, so that narrows down the date of posting to a couple of years and means that our picture cannot date from later than 1957.

Of course, the image could be earlier as the card might have been printed and then stocked in local shops for many years. Our blog, Building the Vestry informs us that that work was done in 1953, but the left hand end of the church is obscured by trees in our picture and we cannot see whether there is an extension there or not.

So, we imagine our recently acquired card probably dates from around the early 1950s, but do leave a comment if you have any further thoughts or information.