Market Lavington Museum

Easterton Country Fair

August Bank Holiday Monday means the wonderful Easterton Country Fair in this part of the world. Market Lavington Museum likes to support this event. For Market Lavington Museum belongs to Easterton as well as to Market Lavington. We have a chance, here, to bring photos of Easterton to the good people of that parish.

Easterton folk are always very generous in their support of the museum. We benefit from being there when information is given to us. Usually, we don’t leave without something new in our hand, for the museum. There are promises of more to come, but we left with a couple of wonderful photos of East Croft Farm. Here’s the older of the two, taken when the farmhouse was thatched.

East Croft Farm – a photo given to Market Lavington Museum at the Easterton Country Fair

Another item that came our way was a book (actually more than one) from the second-hand book stall. This one was compiled in 1932, but contains records of quarter sessions from the seventeenth century.

A fascinating book found on the 2nd hand book stall at Easterton Country Fair

The extract below comes from it and the spelling is as in the book.


I understand by this bearer my sarvant that you desier I sholde
sett downe the names of suche as I shall thincke fitt to be allowed
in Stippellavington to sell ale, wch I colde wishe to be very fewe yf
it were not for the Markett bereson (by reason) whereof I thincke
ther cannot be lesse then fower besides the Inde (Inn) whose names
I have her under written, and yf herafter it maye apeare that les
may suffice then they may be abriged and yf nowe you and the rest
of the gent shall thincke them to many I leve it to yor cosederacon
to apoynt what number you shall thincke will suffice. Thus
desiringe to see you at yor returne from the sessions I comyt you
to the benission of the hiest. Att my house this wensdaie 1603·

Yor ffrende asured,


Mark Williams
Thomas Cres
John Maththewe
Wm. Hollwell

These to be Iysensed to kepe alehouses in
Lavington, fforsd, and the rest to be sup-

We have to admire the indomitable spirit of the Easterton people. The weather turned awful, but still people enjoyed the photos and chatted merrily. It was a lovely day – another one which made you glad to be a part of our local community.