Market Lavington Museum

Easterton Fete

Today, Bank Holiday Monday, the 30th August 2010, is Easterton Country Fete day and we at Market Lavington Museum will be there with many photos of Easterton in the past and a quiz sheet to enable locals and others to have a bit of fun as they try to find out about artefacts and images we have in the museum. 

There’s a long tradition of Easterton fetes, both in conjunction with Market Lavington and separately. Today we’ll take a look at a fete at Easterton, believed to be around 1955. 

Easterton fete procession in about 1955 - a recently acquired photo at Market Lavington Museum

Here, a fancy dress parade is passing The Royal Oak with Easterton Manor just under the pub sign. Amongst the leading walkers, a bowler-hatted lad carries a sandwich board encouraging people to come to the fete. The chief attraction listed is ‘bowling for a pig’. The lad right at the front carries a message saying he is Easterton Town Crier. 

Maybe some of those youngsters from 1955 will be at today’s fete, which is based around the Easterton Village Hall. If so, do come and meet us at the museum stand.