Market Lavington Museum

Easterton Fête 2010

Easterton Fête on Bank Holiday Monday – August 30th was a good day for weather and I am sure the whole Easterton ountry fair was a great success. Certainly the Market Lavington Museum stall did very well. We had hundreds of visitors and sold out of our quiz sheets. We received offers of more photographs, information and artefacts. In fact, the stall was so busy that we only got round to a photograph right at the end when our customers were one man and his dogs.

Market Lavington Museum stand at the end of Easterton Country fair in 2010

For those who couldn’t make it, this is a part of the quiz sheet. Maybe Easterton ex-pats anywhere in the worlds would like a go!

The Easterton Quiz


1) Gladys Windo wrote this piece. What was her job in Easterton?


2) The right hand cottage shown here has been demolished. Describe where it once stood in Easterton.
 3) This object was dug up at Manor Farm, Easterton. What was it?
 4) This piece of tile was found near Kestrels on Oak Lane. From what period of history does it date?
 5) Name this Easterton worthy whose legacy is now dormant and may well soon vanish.
 6) What was the trade of the man who owned these tools which were found in an Easterton cottage?
 7) This item was once the Easterton fire engine. Who provided the money to get it built?
 8) There were regular military camps at Pond Farm before and during World War One. Where in Easterton was Pond Farm?
 9) This piece of wood was found at Kestrels on Oak Lane. It is about 20cms long. What was its use?
 10) This piece of needlework, by Harriot Hunt in 1805, was found in a skip when the old Wesleyan Chapel in Easterton was converted into a house. What are such pieces of needlework called?
 11) This Book of Common Prayer was awarded to James Kyte of Easterton from the Bishop Tanner Bequest. Of where was Bishop Tanner the bishop?
 12) This sketch of 1902 shows an Easterton property nearing completion. What is the name of this house?
 13) These jams were made at the Easterton jam factory in 1985 to celebrate a royal visit. Which member of the Royal Family was it that visited Easterton?