Market Lavington Museum

Easterton Jam Factory in 1985

Samuel Moore of Easterton started jam making commercially more than 100 years ago. His business grew steadily with products sold under his name, for the company was called Samuel Moore Foods. Perhaps changing eating habits caused a decline and after a period of financial instability, the company was taken over and became a part of the Hazlewood Food group.

A number of brochures from that company have recently been donated to Market Lavington Museum. This one dates from about 1985.

Front of 1985 Hazlewood Foods brochure at Market Lavington Museum

Most of the brochure is not directly linked to our area. One page is about the products made and the processes used at the Easterton site.

The Easterton page in the brochure

At the bottom we see some of the products produced or packaged at Easterton.

A part of the Easterton jam factory as shown in the 1985 brochure

Easterton information in the 1985 brochure

Market Lavington Museum is delighted to receive information about this factory where so many local people worked. If you have any items or information that relate to the jam factory we’d be delighted to hear from you.