Market Lavington Museum

Easterton School – 1928

Photos like today’s make us realise we have a huge amount to learn. This picture, taken just about within living memory, has but one named person. The photo was given to the museum by that person’s daughter and it shows members of Easterton School in 1928.

Easterton School children in 1928

Easterton School children in 1928

There appear to be some 40 youngsters. Some – they’d be approaching 90 – could be alive today. Many will have children who might recognise them. There are, no doubt, dozens of grandchildren who may realise one of the people in the photo is their ancestor. There are, no doubt, plenty of great grandchildren as well.

Our one named person is the smart chap at the left hand end of the middle row. He is Ralph Maule who became a baker and tradesman in Easterton. Of course, we’d like to hear from anyone who can name other children here so let’s zoom in a bit to make faces clearer.

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