Market Lavington Museum

Easterton Street

Today we feature a truly delightful picture which was given to the museum earlier this year. It shows a view of Easterton High Street. Sadly, the picture is undated but it clearly predates much in the way of traffic.

Easterton Street - undated but delightful. The photo is now at Market Lavington Museum

The view is towards Eastcott and Urchfont. The stream is on the left side where there must, once, have been more to the picture for only the last three letters of ‘Easterton’ still show.

The cottage at the end of the street, facing the camera has long since been demolished.

In the road – clearly a safe place to be – we can see a man with a horse, another with a laden barrow and there may be a couple of hens on the junction with the road up to The Sands (now Kings Road).

There is no pavement. With little traffic, and that slow moving, there was no need to keep pedestrians on the edge.

On the right of the main picture we can see a family in a doorway.

This family would appear to be keen on growing flowers. Note the pots on the porch. Mum looks really happy as she holds the baby. Sadly, we do not know who any of the people in the photo are but perhaps somebody can help there.

Perhaps the star of the picture is the older lady, fetching water.

This lady has, presumably, got water from the village pump which still stands near  the road junction. And to take it home she has occupied the middle of the street. What a determined look she has and what a great snapshot of village life – this time in Easterton.